Map of Gold Standard Companies

There are Gold Standard Roll of Honour members across the UK. Click on each region to discover where members are located.



North West England


Is a subsidiary of the GDF SUEZ Group and is a public limited company with its own Board of Directors. Click here to visit website

Union Colours

Is an international division of the Longyu Pigment and Chemicals Corporation, the largest Organic Pigment manufacturer in China. First established in 1980. Click here to visit website


Is the leading global manufacturer of high performance polyaryletherketones. Click here to visit website

Warwick Chemicals

They lead the global market in the manufacture and supply of bleach activators for the detergent and biocides industries. Click here to visit website

William Blythe

Is an advanced manufacturer of inorganic speciality chemicals and an innovator in technology led solutions for functional derivatives of Copper, Tin, Zinc and Iodine. Click here to visit website