Increasing industry profitability and competitiveness through world-class skills

The Gold Standard has been used as:

  • An industry route for up-skilling and re-skilling
  • A tool to ensure investment in training meets business needs                                  
  • A route to accredit existing skills and identify gaps
  • An indication of the behaviours that are valued, recognised and rewarded
  • To underpin recruitment, appraisal and promotion activities

A number of case studies developed by Warwick Economics and Development 
have quantified the economic benefit of investing in the Gold Standard.

For every £1 invested companies see a return of £9.53 - ROI

Energy savings - £20 per tonne

Water Savings - £4.50 per tonne

High COD Aqueous waste reduction - £4 per tonne

Maintenance (parts & labour) - £250K

Quality Production efficiency - £500k


Reduction in near misses

Improved health & safety records

More efficient use of resources