The Gold Standard was developed in 2007 by industry, for industry, as industry, as best practice on behalf of the chemicals sector. It has since grown to include polymers, pharmaceuticals, composites,downstream and life sciences.

About us

The Gold Standard is a framework that describes and maps the key skills required for a wide range of jobs across four areas of competence:

Technical Competence - this section identifies the key technical competencies including training and qualifications required by the employee to carry out a particular job role to the industry standard.

Business Improvement
- this section identifies the employee’s awareness of business improvement techniques and they're ability to put these into practice in their working environment. 

- this section identifies the industry regulations that the employee
must be compliant in to enable them to legally carry out their responsibilities to the industry standard. 

Functional & Behavioural - this section identifies the characteristics required by the employee to enable them to fulfil their role requirements to the industry standard.

Each individual job role has a set of required and desirable skills, knowledge and behaviours which includes qualifications, training and understanding. Businesses can use the framework to help plan out employee training to ensure that investment goes in the areas that will benefit both the individual and employer the most.

Why the Gold Standard? 

The Gold Standard supports Continuing Professional Development (CPD) within the science based industry sectors, setting out the skills required for world class performance in key job roles. Investment in skills is what sets one company apart from another. Having a fully competent workforce who are able to carry out their duties to a high standard creates a more efficient and effective business who are able to meet the needs of their customers. In today’s highly competitive global markets being able to meet customers’ needs whilst adhering to strict policies and procedures is no mean feat. Start the journey today to experience the benefits of working with an industry approved standard provides.